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We keep our sight set on the horizon

worldwide network of agents and partners in yacht brokerage

Sea Independent is a Yacht Brokerage House operating worldwide at 36 locations, specializing in yacht brokerage of luxury sailing yachts and motor yachts, in the 14 to 50 meter rangenew and pre-owned.

Consisting of a worldwide network of more than thirtysix internationally certified yacht brokerage companies, Sea Independent has comprehensive in-house expertise and multi-faceted technical, financial and judicial knowledge.

In all corners of the globe, you can be assured of the same high quality services offered because Sea Independent goes the extra mile to provide exclusive care and client attention.

The maintenance level and technical qualities of all yachts bought or sold must be perfect. Not to mention the financial aspects that are carefully considered down to the very last detail also in terms of legal and international tax issues.

The expertise at Sea Independent helps anchor your sailing pleasure.